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MyKhilona.com is an online library for kids, started with a vision and a purpose - that every child in the country should have access to the best toys that can significantly contribute to their physical and intellectual development, while also being a source of immense joy for the child, and that too, at an affordable price.

It was a casual discussion amongst three mothers sharing their experiences, which led to the birth of MyKhilona.com. The discussion was centred around the following points

  • How many toys are enough / reasonable for a child?
  • What is the typical attention span of a child towards a toy and therefore, for what portion of the lifespan of a toy does a child actually play with it? Today's children like to play with toys for few weeks; the rest of the lifespan of the toys is in store rooms.
  • The variety of toys now available in the market is enormous, but how much time and money can one spend on these toys? With the advent of "educational" toys, the words "flashcards", "phonics" etc. have being daily household jargons, so shouldn't our child have access to plenty of these?
  • Does it make economical sense to buy these toys, given kids' short attention span, the cost of the toys and storage issues?
  • Given the fact that toys contribute substantially to a child's development, does it make sense to buy a limited numbers of toys, or rent many, at the same cost, thus inculcating the various skills that these toys attempt to develop.
  • Is it possible for parents to carve out a substantial portion of their hectic schedules and actively devote time towards buying and maintaining these toys and enjoy watching their kids play? Working couples are already juggling too many balls at the same time.

With these thoughts in mind, together they started MyKhilona.com, not with the sole motive of making a profit, but more importantly, to enrich the experiences of countless parents in their efforts towards providing their children with the best toys to play with, in a manner that enhances their overall development.

MyKhilona.com commits to offer its members the following advantages:

  1. Huge variety and wide categorization We have a variety of toys, books, CDs, puzzles, encyclopedias, flashcards, worksheets, games and all that your child can fruitfully spend his / her time with.
  2. Catering to all age groups - The above items are available for all age groups, starting with a few months to 8 years. Our objective is to be with you regardless of your child's age and, more importantly, to be with you throughout the growth phase of your child.
  3. Easy and simple - MyKhilona.com makes available toys for your child "at the click of the button". We have an extremely user-friendly website that makes enrolling as well as ordering really easy with a few simple steps to follow.
  4. Convenience - You can view our entire range of toys etc on our website and place orders online. Your orders get delivered to your doorstep and also get picked-up. This saves you the hassle of visiting shops / libraries during your hectic schedule. You can also view your order history and track your current order online.
  5. Economical cost - Our plans are priced between Rs 200 to Rs 300 a month, which is a very nominal charge for our services, and this also includes   1 visit (delivery / pick-up) per month on an average.
  6. Impeccable service - We promise our members of excellent quality service at all times, in the following ways:
    • Strict adherence to date of time of delivery and pickup, as we value your precious time.
    • Prompt resolution of inquiries / queries over the phone or on e-mails.
    • E-mail notifications and reminders.
  7. Flexibility - Our plans and processes are structured with the objective of providing maximum flexibility to our members. Given below are a few examples:
    • Different plans to suit your needs
    • Ability to select a different plan at the time of each renewal
    • One-time trial plan without paying membership fees.
    • Single plan with a point system that lets you order products across all categories available on MyKhilona.com
    • No time-limit for retaining the products; hence, no hassles of returning the products by a particular date.
    • Ability to place orders at your convenient time.
    • Carry-forward of points from one plan period to another.
    • Ability to renew early in the event of early exhaustion of your point balance.
    • Ability to take a break during the plan period and reviving your membership without any hassles and as per your convenience.
  8. Safety and Hygiene - Anything that a toddler can lay his / her hands on, will find its way into his / her mouth. Fully aware of this fact, all our toys are made of non-toxic material. Further, we ensure that all toys are properly sanitized after every use.